What We Do

Boca Chuba


Years: 2012-2013

This group worked to create a music festival tentatively titled “Boca Chuba” as an annual multi-day, multi-genre music festival with the inaugural fest hitting Tallahassee in Spring 2014.

The goal was to bring as eclectic a music selection as possible from a broad range of genres. The Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra was going to be the primary partner. The goal was also for the festival to showcase Tallahassee’s brand new amphitheater in Cascades Park, and bring together a variety of people including young professionals, families, children, retirees and more for a weekend of fun musical entertainment. However, the project never happened due to a variety of circumstances.

Community Catalysts

These are the people who helped make this project possible.

  • Tom Derzypolski
  • Liz Desloge
  • Chase Foster
  • Chrys Ivey Goodwyne
  • Tyler Huston
  • Ochuko Jenije, II
  • McKinnon Langston
  • Ed Lombard
  • Nancy O’Farrell
  • Marco Paredes
  • Allison Stribling
  • Mandy Stringer
  • Becca VanLandingham
  • Karen Wendland