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Market Street Visioning


Years: 2020

The Market Street visioning project is working to accelerate ongoing efforts to enhance the Market Street area as a thriving pedestrian-friendly, accessible shopping, dining, entertainment and business district.

After a year and a half visioning process, the Road Map to Success: Market Street Visioning Summary Report was produced and showcases recommended placemaking improvements for the area. This was created with involvement from Center for Active Design, thanks to funding from a private grant from the Knight Foundation.

Research shows that people are now choosing where to live before choosing where to work. Making Market Street a thriving, vibrant area with a strong sense of place can encourage members of the creative sector to locate in the region. It results in job growth and improved economic vitality for Leon County.

You can read the Road Map to Success here: Market Street Visioning Report.

If you are interested in being part of the Market District Business Association, please contact Sam Varn of Awards4U at [email protected]. For any other questions about the report or to get involved contact Jay Foster of Canopy Software on Market Street at [email protected].