What We Do

Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee


Years: 2007-2008

Greenovation set out to establish Tallahassee as the world leader in existing and emerging “green” technologies that benefit the environment and spur economic development. Facets of this initiative included taking an inventory of existing technologies and activities within the region, establishing policy and regulation to promote energy conservation and sustainable design, and developing a strategic plan to create the infrastructure to support intellectual and entrepreneurial development.

Throughout the year, Greenovation established previously non-existent partnerships among the city, county, K-12 schools and local universities that focused on “green” initiatives, especially recycling. They also established a park-and-ride pilot program and generated local buzz about community-wide efforts to “go green.”

The team formed a 501(c)(3) organization called Sustainable Tallahassee, a resource center offering the public a “how to” on green construction, as well as green resources, products, vendors and funding sources for green building including solar energy. It educates and certifies builders and professionals, certifies green buildings and pursues grants for research development. Ultimately, it will be the engine that continuously enables and encourages Tallahassee to be “green.” This membership organization now encompasses an executive director, a board of directors and bylaws, and volunteers who continue to raise money to fulfill its mission.

For more information about Sustainable Tallahassee, visit sustainabletallahassee.org.

Community Catalysts

These are the people who helped make this project possible.

  • Kathy Bartlett
  • Bill Berlow
  • Nolia Brandt
  • David Bryne
  • Frank Mayernick
  • Mike McManus
  • Mark O’Bryant
  • Todd Sperry