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Tally 200


Years: 2024

Please share your ideas on the Bicentennial Park by completing this Community Input Survey.

Two hundred years since its founding, Tallahassee stands at the edge of a new century. In honor of the capital city’s 200th anniversary, the 2024 KCCI Catalyst Tally 200 volunteer team will envision and design a Bicentennial Park. The Tally 200 team aims to transform the area located downtown next to City Hall along Jefferson Street into a space for connection that beckons people to gather and connect.

KCCI is proud to be a part of this community of doers, dreamers and creators. Community input is at the core of KCCI and will help to ensure the park is appreciated by all. The Tally 200 team invites the community to co-create this space and ensure that it reflects the unique spirit of Tallahassee.


The volunteer Catalysts will work together with the public, the American Institute of Architects (AIA Tallahassee), the Office of Mayor John Dailey, the Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority and other community stakeholders to create the new park in the spirit of the Tallahassee Bicentennial. 

Drawing on research from Brookings Institution, the team recognizes the transformative power of public spaces. Investing in the creation of a welcoming and culturally rich environment catalyzes economic growth and creates a sense of belonging. The Bicentennial Park will feature innovative design features that engage downtown visitors and bring more foot traffic to the city center. 

Together, we can redefine our city center as a place where entrepreneurs thrive and connections are made. Join us in shaping the future of Tallahassee — one vibrant public space at a time.

The 2024 KCCI Community Catalysts leading this project include: Elizabeth Barron (Ausley McMullen), Jan Brown (Retired), Rachel Corry (Moore), Pam Flores (Florida Department of Environmental Protection), Jane Johnson (Fla Association of Centers for Independent Living), Verlonda Johnson (Preeminence Contracting and Construction), Jonathan Klepper (Florida Center for Reading Research), Maxim D. Nasab (Apexx Architecture), Matthew Persinger (Architects Lewis + Whitlock), Hadley Peterson (Kimley-Horn and Associates), Bianca Rhoades (Hancock Whitney Bank), Rueben Stokes (Rueben Stokes DEIB Advisory Services, a BEMSTAR Company), Alexandra Valdes (Apalachee Regional Planning Council), Reenee Williams (CareerSource Capital Region).